Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ladies & gentlemen, here we stopped for a while...

Since we open on Nov. 2011 until now, we had some notable changes on the Hanoian art landscape, than make us feel so happy!! 
We learned, we shared, we enjoyed...WE CREATED a freedom space & we will continue creating, conecting, building, here, there or beyond.
Thank you so much to everybody who made this possible directly or indirectly, those who believe or whose doesn’t do, because with out your energy this was not possible to be.
We wish all the best for this amazing art scene than shyly (for different evident reasons) shows in Hanoi and we feel so happy been learned history of arts in real time, with real people.

A big THANKS...!

Carol Canto

NOON FOR LIFE by Pham Hoai Anh

Mỗi tồn tại được biểu hiện trong cả những hư không, và trong cả những thứ hữu hình. Thế giới tồn tại quanh mỗi người, cũng như trong chính bản thân họ. Thế giới và sự sống không chỉ gồm những thứ người ta có được, mà còn cả những cái mà mình sẽ mất.

Ngày hôm qua, thế giới có thể còn mỏng manh, vô tận và trống rỗng. Ngày hôm nay, thế giới đầy đặn, hữu hạn và đặc quánh những thể hữu hình. Và ngày mai, thế giới đặt lên bàn tiệc của mình những gì? Sự sống tồn tại trong cái đã có, đang có, và sẽ có.

Có những tồn tại đã bị hủy diệt, lại có những tồn tại mới được hình thành. Một bữa tiệc bày ra và sẵn sàng, nhưng trong phút chốc đã trở thành quá khứ. Thế giới hữu hạn trong những cái luôn là hữu hạn, và vô hạn trong sự nảy sinh để khởi đầu. Mọi cái có hình đều từ cái vô hình và mọi cái vô hình khởi nguồn trong cái có hình. Thời gian dường như là vĩnh cửu, nhưng không có gì vĩnh cửu với thời gian.

Monday, January 7, 2013


“Empty world” is the concept chosen by Pham Hoai Anh for create experimental music (most of the time using electric guitar) . Carol Canto will be invited to share stage with video installation & performance playing with the same concept & also we will join Doan Minh Hoan's dance.

Wellcome everymouns for the penultimate event at la 4uatrieme (Giang Van Minh)!!!

Monday, November 26, 2012

18 pm, 30 th Nov. Opening "Kí" workshop exhibition.

" KÍ " workshop (or sketch workshop) is a project organized by La 4uatrieme and NAME Art Space for a group of young artists to share and work in a very basic way of doing art: sketching. This workshop is the combination of rough ideas for an installation, a painting, a photography/film project, land art, poetry or an art work in general. The artists in the group have been working together in team or individual for 1 month, since October 2012. The project includes art talk about team work, group discussion, outdoor activities, and the show of the group's work in the one month.

Normally at art exhibition, people see completed art work but they rarely see the sketch of it or the very early stage of the idea. Sometimes, it is the idea, the sketch which tells a lot about the work and the thought and feelings of an artists. With this in mind, the " KÍ " group wants to show their sketches as real art work and share with the viewers how an idea is formed and developed.
This will be the first workshop of " KÍ ". In the future, NAME Art Space will organize more similar workshop with different forms and materials and languages of art.

Workshop " KÍ " là một dự án được tổ chức bởi La 4uatrieme và NAME Space Art với sự tham gia của một nhóm nghệ sĩ trẻ để chia sẻ và làm việc từ một việc rất cơ bản của tác phẩm nghệ thuật: phác thảo. Workshop này là sự kết hợp của những ý tưởng thô cho một tác phẩm sắp đặt, một bức tranh, một dự án nhiếp ảnh/phim, nghệ thuật địa hình, thơ hay một tác phẩm nghệ thuật nói chung. Các nghệ sĩ đã làm việc theo nhóm, hay từng cá nhân trong 1 tháng, kể từ tháng 10 2012. Dự án bao gồm các buổi nói chuyện nghệ thuật về làm việc nhóm, thảo luận ý tưởng, hoạt động sáng tác ngoài trời, và giới thiệu các tác phẩm nhóm sau một tháng.

Thông thường, tại triển lãm nghệ thuật, mọi người nhìn thấy tác phẩm nghệ thuật đã hoàn thành, nhưng họ hiếm khi thấy phác thảo của nó hoặc giai đoạn đầu của ý tưởng. Đôi khi, chính ý tưởng, hay phác thảo lại nói lên rất nhiều về công việc và suy nghĩ và cảm xúc của một nghệ sĩ. Với suy nghĩ như vậy, nhóm " KÍ " muốn giới thiệu các phác thảo của họ như những tác phẩm nghệ thuật thực sự và chia sẻ với người xem một ý tưởng được hình thành và phát triển như thế nào.
Đây sẽ là workshop đầu tiên của " KÍ ". Trong tương lai, NAME Art Space sẽ tổ chức những workshop kí tương tự với các hình thức và chất liệu và ngôn ngữ nghệ thuật khác nhau.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Art Program - Ăn Cơm Chưa? by Colin Christy

For the month of November Colin will be working at La 4uatrieme, creating pieces and two large installations in an open studio residency. His goal is to connect to a creative community through a wide variety of collaborations with local artists, creative organizations, and local villages, and to share these experiences with others. It will include workshops on different artistic techniques, from traditional - to print - to digital. It will end in
 a short exhibition of the installations, paintings, and collaborative projects that happened during the residency.

The work will be made largely out of different Vietnamese food staples and will reflect on the community that it binds. Traditional Vietnamese practices that mix with new western modes of production (pesticides, gmo's, large-scale exportation, etc.). The residency will explore how in quickly changing times, food contains its culture, and culture contains its food.

Ăn Cơm Chưa? by Colin Christy

La 4uatrieme Open Studio Résidence.

We are pleased to invite you to our new Open Studio to discover the work of Colin Christy, artist in residence at la 4uatrieme, during November.

Colin Christy is an artist who makes site-specific sculptures, installations, and drawings that combine natural and artificial materials using different techniques to create pieces that change and discover themselves over time. He has recreated and destroyed burial mounds in St. Louis, transplanted river-side ecosystems to Oakland, and made guerrilla sculptures in the streets of Florence. He moved to Hanoi from Oakland in the summer of 2012 to explore collaborations with other artists working in Vietnam.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

26th Oct // 7pm_Exhibition Opening " Tokyo X Hanoi X Art ”

Contemporary Art Project with Emerging Japanese and Vietnamese Artists
(JAPAN) Araki Yu, Mochizuki Toshitaka, Mikami Ryo, Nakamoto Hirofumi, Hotta Kazuma, Hosokawa Hiroshi
(VIETNAM) Tran Dan, Tran Binh, Phi Long, Chu Viet Cuong, Nguyen Duc Phuong
This project is created by two artists (Min-hyung Kang, Dan Tran) in Hanoi to offer young artists and future artists a chance to encounter a new perspective in art practices and experiments, especially where the political ideology and economic situations are extremely the opposite.

The project invites Japanese artists, graduates and students of new media art department of Tokyo University of the Arts, the most prestige art school in Japan, and contemporary Vietnamese artists in Hanoi.

For two weeks, Japanese artists and Vietnamese artists have collaborative workshops and discussion sessions together, and also encounter Hanoi’s contemporary art scenes such as meeting Vietnamese artists, contemporary lacquer painters, DocLab, and Black Project. This exhibition at the end of the project at la 4uatrieme and ete bar shows the achievement of those 2 weeks, individual and collaborative art works inspired by each other.

This art collaborative project is to give both Vietnamese and Japanese young artists and students an opportunity to look around their surroundings once again and revisit their art practices of past and current, and further enhance to explore by collaborating with artists from different cultures and backgrounds in an entirely contrary environment.
With the support of:
KHONG GIAN NGHE THUAT (14 Phan Huy Ich, Ba Dinh)
......and special thanks to friends and artists in Hanoi


Monday, August 6, 2012

OPENING // Khai ày 17 tháng 8 năm 2012mạc 17th Aug 2012 // Ng

La 4uatrième cordially invited you to the exhibition  virus  by Nguyễn Đức Phương.

Artist’s statemen

Virus! A “small” object infected in “living bodies”
Where are they…?
Please be re-programmed your way

Virus! Một loại vật thể "nhỏ" xâm nhiễm vào những "cơ thể sống".
Chúng ở đâu...?
Hãy cài lại chương trình theo cách của bạn.

Vào cửa tự do

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

8pm_Fri / 13th / July_Screens // digital video creation series

 La 4uatrieme cordially invites you to the screening of:

Screens // digital video creation

From Screens:

SCREENS is a video-creation curatorship managed by Damiàà Jordàà. In this selection we can find some of the works created by spanish and latin-american emerging artists over the the last three years.
SCREENS was born as a monthly series shown in La Clinica Mundana, an independent show-room and gallery in Valencia (Spain). Nowadays, we have become a travelling exhibition in order to foster the spanish contemporary art, focusing in those who use any language of video creation – video-performance, video-dance, experimental documentary, music clip, visual poetry, etc - , and trying to pay more attention to the most risky proposals.
SCREENS is also supported by the Spanish Ministry of Culture.

Betwen the artists we can find Javier Marisco, who was the director of the recent 5th International Independent Art Festival Incubarte, in Valencia, Spain.
Also Damià Jordà participated like curator at the Festival.
Or Avelino Saavedra (artist based in Valencia) who is one of the developers of the spanish scene interested in sound as creative material. Interesting work his project Stereotron (Avelino Saavedra & Jean Montag).

Free Entrance!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

8th/June_OPENING ART EXHIBITION_ Made in Vietnam (2) // Covered_Arno Baude RETROSPECTION 2005 // 2012

Made in Vietnam (2) // Covered, is the 4th, and last, Arno Baude's art & video installation work, that will be shown at la 4uatrieme (at the moment)

"When the public becames private"

Appropriating elements and materials of popular culture (in the economic, social and cultural context of Southeast Asia) Arno Baude recreates and builds new relationships, which lead us to think about identity (grupal / individual) and territory in a globalized world.

About the technic or materials he employed, for this exhibition, we can find some readymade, when he descontextualize common objects, that had been selected and not materially altered in any way(Marcel Duchamp coined the term in 1915)
We can find also some objet trouvé, when this communal objects become manipulated (allways made in Vietnam). And a video-installation (when video work and installation become a partner)

You are invited to come to join with us, Arno Baude's, world.

Free entry,

The exhibition is going to be open until 21th June.

OPEN from Tuesday to Saturday (5 to 11pm)

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

24th MAY _ 7pm /// Opening RUN RUN /// Arno Baude, Retrospection 2005-2012.

From Arno Baude:

RUN RUN est un imperatif mais aussi un prenom en Asie. L’installation nommee, donne ainsi un certain regard sur le contexte socio-economique en Asie du Sud-Est.
Temoin d un developpement economique important au Vietnam depuis plus de sept ans, Arno propose une version TETRIS de l’urbanisme Hanoien. L’installation RUN RUN represente a l’aide de structures aluminium ( khung nhôm ) et d’un soutien audio, un pan de tissu social typiquement Vietnamien grace a l’enregistrement d’ambulants: ceux qui courent pour survivre dans un pays en mutation.
La proposition plastique se veut donc une critique sociale ou les materiaux bon marche  ( aluminium et mica ), montage audio simpliste ( megaphone connecte a un lecteur mp3 ) cotoient un cadre Roccoco, symbole des aspirations a reussir d un pays evoluant dans un contexte effrene de course aux gains.
Cette vision subjective d’un occidental est enfin partagee par la mise a disposition de cartes postales ponctuant, lors de ses deplacements initiatiques au Vietnam, des etapes de construction de la capitale ( le pont de la rue Hoàng Hoa Thám, une briqueterie… )et ses elements typiques ( le mausolee, les maisons extra-plates… ).

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

18th May_7pm /// Banh My Hawaii Tasting /// Arno Baude, Retrospection 2005-2012.

We all hunt for food

Taste a Hawaiian toast in Vietnamese style. 
Dress code: Hawaiian shirt.

From Arno Baude:

Le projet degustation Toast Hawaiien Sauce Viet. est simple vu quil sera organise a la 4uatrieme sous la forme hybride d'un buffet de rue (self service + tabourets en plastik for a Hawaii friendly atmosphere)

Wear an hawaiian shirt (or similar)/ get one Piña Colada for free.

(If you've always wanted to buy a Hawaiian shirt in Hanoi and did not know where: shop around 17 Trần Phú, Điện Biên, Ba Dinh District. Price: 180.000vnd)

>>> photo de groupe en chemise est prevue quand l ambiance vingt personnes est a son comble

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Arduino workshop 12th/13th May at la 4uatrieme//Hội thảo Arduino ngày 12 & 13 tháng 5 tại

Arduino is an open-source electronics prototyping platform based on flexible, easy-to-use hardware and software. It's intended for artists, designers, hobbyists, and anyone interested in creating interactive objects or environments.

Arduino là một công cụ hỗ trợ điện tử mới với mã nguồn mở dựa trên nguyên tắc linh hoạt và cả phần cứng và phần mềm đều rất dễ sử dụng. Công cụ này được thiết kế dành riêng cho các nghệ sĩ, nhà thiết kế và tất cả những ai đam mê tung tẩy những ý tưởng sáng tạo của mình với những đối tượng hoặc môi trường tương tác.


Arno Baude, RETROSPECTION 2005//2012

OPENING 4th/May 7pm

4th May/ Made in Vietnam 1
18th May/Banh my Hawaii tasting
24th of May/ Run Run
8th June/ Made in Vietnam 2

Arno is a Hanoi-based French independent artist who makes an inquiry into cultural values through Arts in South East Asia region.
His Art encompasses an astonishing variety of media, including local items and practices like mapping people and his life abroad.
He collects cultural typical pieces which he compulsively mixes and layers with his own concepts.
There are elements of luck in his walking around and become his personal Asian references.

During May and June, Art Installations would allow him to show those social and cultural elements which will be display at La4uatrieme.

The exhibition is going to change almost every week!!

The covered series//

Tells the involved story of an artist who combines Art with location in order to question cultural integration.
Hanoiians series//

Hanoiians is an ongoing series of people living in Hanoi. The series which began in Hanoi in 2007 is formed of a social group wearing a Hawaiian shirt as a uniform.
The group gathered together men and women from different nationalities. Its social approach didn't focus on the Vietnamese local people or any group in particular,
but questioned why and how you might refer to a number of people as a 'group'.
This specifically Hanoian series dealt with themes of cultural identity, territories and migration flows.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

SAT/31st March, ̉from 6pm. Opening Ceremony Painting exhibition, DUC LOI SAI GON ART CONSTRUCTION AND MAINTENANCE JOINT STOCK COMPANY by Nguyen Duc Loi & Radek Stypcznski

After a student exchange project brought the two artists together for the first time in 2003, Radek and Loi decided to collaborate their ideas to deliver a series of paintings in 2010 under the banner of the Duc Loi Sai Gon Art Construction & Maintenance Joint Stock Company. Inspired by Vietnamese architecture and urban landscapes, the paintings were produced using Vietnamese lacquer, masking tape and Swedish preservatives, with the aim to deliver a new take on traditional Vietnamese lacquer paintings.

For more information about the project, go to

PAINTING EXHIBITION 31/03>>28/04 Tu>Sat 5/11pm
OPENING Sat 31st March 2012, ̉from 6pm

Monday, March 5, 2012

10th/03 at 7pm>>>>Opening Photo Exhibition LOST IN THE CONCRETE JUNGLE by Chin-Yee Wong at la 4uatrieme.

Opening Reception: Sat, March 10th, 7pm – 11pm
Art Talk: Friday, March 30th, 8pm
Exhibition: March 13th – March 30th (Tu-Sat 5pm-11pm)


The economic and social changes are transforming our cities and our traditional way of life. Economic globalization, cultural homogenization, technological and scientific progress, environmental risks, etc., are not neutral and isolated phenomena, they have social, economic and political, local and global consecuences and in turn raise new needs and dilemmas.

The photographs that Chin Yee has selected for Lost In The Concrete Jungle attempt to show this and other implications of urbanization; as our surroundings become increasinly urbanized, we are exposed to the risk of turing into isolated, faceless subjects trapped in mazes of ultra-planned physical and social realities.

Chin-Yee Wong is an urbanist working in the field of sustainable urban development. An avid photographer, capturing urban dynamics and the interaction between people and spaces became his love and medium of expression.  His constant search for diverse and vibrant urbanism has brought him and his cameras to disparate corners in Asia and Latin America.